Theory Course Curriculum

    1. The Role of a Medical Foot Care Nurse

    2. Foot Nursing as a Specialty!

    3. In What Areas is a Foot Care Nurse Needed?

    4. CAFCN National Competencies

    5. Nursing Assessments

    6. Resource: CNO- Scope of Practice

    7. Quiz

    8. Video: Role of the Foot Care Nurse

    1. Understanding Foot Biology

    2. Functions of Nails in Foot Care

    3. Factors Affecting Toenail Growth and the Requirements for Healthy Nail Growth

    4. Bones, Skin Tissue, Muscles, and Tendons of the Foot and Ankle

    5. Motions of the Foot

    6. Changes to the Feet, Toenails, and Lower Limbs as Aging Occurs

    7. Common Issues with Children's Feet and Legs

    8. Lymphatic Vessels and the Foot

    9. Quiz

    1. Viruses and Bacteria Affecting the Feet

    2. Onychauzical - Thickened Nail

    3. The Involuted/Pincer Nail

    4. Onychryptosis Nail and Its 3 Stages

    5. Video: Discoloured Toenails by AFCN

    6. Understanding the Yellow Nail Syndrome in Foot Care

    7. Onychomycosis - Fungal Nails

    8. Pseudomonas Infections in Nails: Understanding, Prevention, and Treatment

    9. Leukonychia Nail

    10. Malignant Melanoma in the Nail or on the Foot

    11. Changes in Toenails Due to Systemic Issues or Medications

    12. Types and Details of Structural Deformities of the Foot and Toes

    13. Soft Tissue Issues with the Foot

    14. Video: Calluses

    15. Common Venous Diseases: A Comprehensive Overview

    16. Arterial Diseases in Foot Care Nursing

    17. Wound Care for Lower Limb and Feet

    1. Journey into the World of Foot Care for Diabetic Individuals

    2. Understanding Neuropathy

    3. Diabetic Assessment Tools

    4. Inlows Diabetic Foot Ulcer Assessment Tool

    5. Monofilament Testing Procedure

    6. Essential Socks and Footwear

    7. Video: Understanding Diabetic Foot Complications

    8. Presentation and Management of the Diabetic Foot

    9. Quiz

    1. Callus and Corn Care

    2. Heel Care

    3. Ingrown Nail Care

    4. Our AFCN Fungal Nail Protocol

    5. AFCN Wart Protocol

    6. Utilizing the Appointment Time for Clients

    7. Video- Compression Therapy Course

    1. Foot Care Practice and Medical Reprocessing

    2. Reprocessing Foot Care Critical Instruments

    3. PHO Checklist for Office Reprocessing

    4. The Simple Steps

    5. Public Health Ontario Reprocessing Course Certification Registration

    6. Video: The Importance of Sterilized Tools in Foot Care

    7. AFCN: Our Autoclave Room

About this Course

  • $1,950.00
  • 89 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • Hands-on Clinical 3 Days
  • Invite to Private Facebook Group: AFCN Community- Foot Care Masters Hub
  • Live 1 hour call with clinical manager can be booked after course completion for questions

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Course Requirements and policies

Please use registration form at to send in your required personal information and clinical location choice.

  • Ability to attend agreed upon clinical dates and location (see refund policy)

  • Active nursing license and in Good Standing with your College

  • To receive a certificate of completion, both theory and clinical must be completed within 1 year

  • Refunds: Due to the content delivery, no refunds are provided once a person has logged into a course.


  • Is there an actual "certification" for Foot Nurse courses and education in Canada?

    What you will receive from taking a foot care course would have been a Certificate of Completion More information can be found at :

  • How and when do I book my Clincal Module?

    When you register your contact information is sent to the clinical partner you have chosen in your area. The Clinical partner will contact you to schedule your clinical days. We pride ourselves on being flexible. We acknowledge that not all students can complete those days at once or on a set weekend day or time. The clinical teacher will come up with a plan with your collaboration. We hold clinicals all year on days that work for you!

  • Are their any reimbursements available through my nursing association?

    To apply for reimbursement of your course fees and receive funding for continuing education as a nurse in Ontario, please complete the application via these links: Remember to include a copy of our course certificate of completion and AFCN receipt for payment. Eligible nurses can receive up to $1,500.00 in funding per year.

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